Hasselblad Camera

During the recent trip to Levens Hall I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be given a demonstration on a Hasselblad camera and to get an up close inspection of it, to see how it works. I noticed it’s main feature was that the image is viewed by looking down into the view finder. I now realise this is because it has a V type view finder, as apposed to a standard pentaprism. It is a medium format camera producing higher quality images due to the large sensor or film. Hasselblad cameras were also sent to the moon due to it being the worlds best camera to capture high resolution and dynamic range.

Hasselblad Series 1

Hasselblad Series 1

Sensor/Film Sizes

Sensor/Film Sizes


References: Hasselblad-historical, Finearts.uvic, and Photoseek.

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