Levens Hall Photography Trip

This is my set of images from our first photography trip to Levens Hall. I aimed to create a series of images that grasped a fairy tale theme by capturing some my images from a low angle as if taken by a very small person. I used a small aperture between f/4 and f/5.6 to create depth of field, ISO 200, and a shutter speed ranging between 1/1250 and 1/500 as the weather conditions were bright and sunny. Overall I am pleased with my images and believe I have achieved my desired outcome, although my focussing was out in one of my images and my exposure could have been more accurate at the beginning if I had judged my camera settings precisely. I also could have used a tripod and a light meter to avoid some of these mistakes. I believe my best image is the flower garden, I have under exposed the image which gives the flowers extra vibrancy adding a burst of colour. Also the flowers have a blurred effect which to me represents the form of a painting, possibly by Monet, of a mysterious, secret night garden waiting to be explored. And the secret door way image which has been scaled precisely to represent the view from a smaller persons eye, using the flowers to help create that scale.

'Secret Flower Garden' f/4.5, ISO 200, 1/500sec


'Hedged Castle'




'Flower House'




'Secret Door'


'Big House'


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