Weekly Photoshoot 1- Juxtaposition, Visual Irony, The Decisive Moment

This weeks task was to create an image that included three key elements;

  1. Visual Irony– something that’s usually hypocritical, the opposite of what is being expressed.
  2. Juxtaposition– are opposites that are brought together in the same situation or scene that creates an interesting reflection.
  3. The ‘Decisive Moment’– a candid image that captures the explicit moment, using spontaneity, timing, or patience.




Fig.1- ‘Anointment’



My objective was to spend the day around people in the city centre to try to capture my images, spending time looking and observing peoples behaviours.

I learned how to be more aware of my environment, the things that appear in every day life at a fleeting glance and in the precise moment. I found that it takes great skill to capture all three of these principles within one image. I feel I have taken this task in in my stride and reached my goal in achieving  juxtaposed, visual irony, and the decisive moment within an image.

I believe I have portrayed the effect of visual irony through several factors, one being the position and pose of the real life and printed characters, I believe the real life subjects lack of awareness to the situation added to this. I feel I captured the decisive moment with very good timing to capture the real life subject in full stride and in perfect alignment with the printed subjects out stretched arm. The fact this was the only image taken confirms this further as a true decisive moment. I believe the juxtaposition in the image has several levels, including the youth of the real life subject, and age of the printed. Additionally the modern appearance, inclusive of bright clothing and technological gadgets of the real life subject. Contrasted with the fact Benjamin Franklin is a historical figure and is also printed in black and white.




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