Jackson Pollock Research

Jackson Pollock is an American painter, born in 1912 in Cody. He was a major artist who grew up in California and the main founder of ‘Abstract Expressionist Movement’. He struggled with alcoholism but his work still flourished despite all the troubles he were experiencing. He was influenced by Janet Sobel, Picasso and Morone developing radical abstract styles, detaching from lines and colour painting by dripping paint on canvases. He created surreal and aesthetically energetic art work with the use of sticks, knives, syringes, and hardened brushes. This was called the ‘Drip’ technique and he used resin based paints called ‘Alkyd’ enamel which is a hard surface paint. His choice of this medium was probable based on the fact of its thickness so will have created a relief, three dimensional effect on the canvas.

He married Lee Krasner in 1945, also an influential abstract expressionist painter, who influenced his career massively. It is said that they had a rollercoaster relationship but one of creative fusion. He created his last two art pieces in 1955 and he unfortunately died in a tragic car accident in 1956, Paris.


References: Jackson-Pollock.org including images, Biography.com, Art history archive, and Pablo-Picasso.org.



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