Studio Shoot 1: Peer

After a full induction to the studio and the lighting equipment I created a studio set up to compose a range of images of one of my peers. The set up consisted of two light sources, both with modifiers which were a large soft box on a boom stand and a flash head reflector with a honeycomb filter to soften the light. A remote trigger was also adapted to my camera which is a Canon EOS 70D, for activating the flash. I used a light meter to gain the accurate exposures and I aimed for high and low key images to add mood. I aimed to replicate Robert Mapplethorpe’s bold and striking imagery with the use of side lighting to capture the shadows highlighting the curvature of the masculine form. The black and white emphasis shadows and contrast to make a powerful effect.





Overall I am pleased with my images as I believe I created some high quality shots. However, next time I carry out a shoot in the studio I will ensure I take pictures of the set up to show the arrangement and the equipment used. If I were to do this again I would aim for closer head shots and apply shadow techniques to different areas of the face creating soft lines and contouring. I believe the black and white processing adds a more alluring effect, bringing out features more predominantly.



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