Studio Workshop- Lighting Techniques

A studio workshop was performed with an induction to light sources and the way that they can be used to create visual effects. The tutorial was based around using lighting techniques to illuminate simple subjects. A feather was used as it could demonstrate different techniques including lighting positioning, reflection, light source variation via filters, mounting, and environment techniques.

The light positioning techniques included a light source on a boom stand that was lowered and moved away to show the variation of shadow gradients available, then finally lowered down to the table level which gave a slit of light peering over the feather. Then reflection from a piece of silver paper was added to enhance the lights effect by producing bright spots at the crinkles in the paper creating a water reflection wave effect.

Light source variation was achieved by applying a honeycomb filter which softened the light. The mounting media was a piece of white paper that had been scrunched up for extra effect that was placed on a small table. The camera was positioned on a downward facing angle, focussed in close so the paper became the whole environment of the scene.

All of these techniques when applied together can create an ethereal effect that is almost magical. In my future studio projects I will ensure I experiment further with all of these techniques to achieve translucency, and glowing elements within my images.

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