Effectively Evaluating a Piece, or a Body of Photographic Work

Peer Shoot

This image is one of a series, that were taken in the studio on my first session. My aim was to create a portrait that was striking and effective. but also subtle and classy.

Equipment needed for the shoot was two light sources, one with honeycomb for a filtered soft light and one with a large soft box to also help soften the light. I also used my Canon EOS 70D camera, a wireless trigger to activate the flash, and my zoom lens, 55mm to 250mm, this helped to add more detail and clarity. I used f/8.0 and 1/200sec shutter speed.

I decided to make the portrait landscape and offset it to make it a little different, bending the rules slightly, and making use of negative space. I believe the contrast of the image works well, the light background compliments the dark features of the subject.

If I were to carry out a portrait shoot again I would aim to play with shadow techniques creating more definition on the face, rather than just waiting for the correct pose from the model. I also could have Used a light source to create a shimmer through the hair and add a halo of light for that extra detail by adding an additional light source at the back of the set or used the light source to light up the background.

I also decided to make the image black and white as I believe this adds more depth and sophistication, instantly lifting the quality of the image. I did this using Photoshop changing the Hue Saturation, and I also used the spot healing tool to remove any blemishes or untidy hairs to get the best result possible.

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