Studio Shoot 2: Orange

My inspiration for this shoot was developed by researching and reading Irving Penn, Still Life. I found his use of simple mundane objects interesting as he has a way of make the ordinary look extraordinary. His experimental work with food items and cigarette butts had the ability to make something unattractive look appealing.

I decided to make use of an orange due to its colour and texture, a knife for cutting the subject and a glass to capture the juice of my still life subjects. My main aim was to freeze motion by squeezing the orange and capturing to juice running into the glass. I also wanted to adjust the arrangement to alternate the reflections and shadows within the glass. I started the shoot using two light sources which was a mistake as the set up soon became too complicated. I simplified the shoot by reducing to one light source and minimised the objects within the scene later returning to two light sources to create extra effects.



At the start of the shoot I had some difficulty obtaining the correct shutter speed as seen in the images above, fig. 10-12.  This happened because I did not already know the correct sync speed for my camera when being used in the studio. I learnt that my shutter speed must usually always be set to 1/160sec and I must use the aperture to control the amount of light within my images, ISO 100 was also used.

After working out the accurate settings I could begin to play with the arrangement of the scene. I decided to remove the knife as it appeared to be causing an obstruction. Once I was comfortable I decided to introduce another light source. I used two soft boxes for a soft diffused light. I squeezed the orange to make it appear more juicy, used white and silver reflective paper and I created reflection in the glass used for the background positioned underneath the subject. Overall I am happy with my images, although I got ahead of my self aiming for higher quality, and more complex images which I soon realised simplicity was the best way forward. I like the abstract pattern and symmetry in the oranges composition and the amount of detail the subject provided with its dimpled texture.



If I was to revisit this shoot I would like to aim for a pure white background rather than grey and I would do this by adding an extra light source to the back of the setup, which would give a high key result. I would also aim to create motion within my images as desired at the start of the shoot.

Equipment used: tripod, sync lead, hot shoe adapter, two light sources, soft boxes, white card for background and Perspex glass.




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