Studio Shoot 3: Knife

Shoot three continued on from ‘Shoot 2- Sliced Orange. I removed the knife to simplify the shoot but decided to create a range of images using only this as the subject. I used the same set up as shoot one with two light sources but changed the background to black card as I felt this fitted the subject better.

I noticed a lot of scratches and smudges on the Perspex which took away from the overall results. My aim was to create a slither of light down the blade of the knife, leaving a bold detailed appearance in the handle. I believe fig.1 was the closest to achieving this result as the rest of the images look a little dull. If revisiting this shoot I would use a piece of glass instead of Perspex to see if I can create a cleaner and sharper image. Also I will ensure that I have the correct cleaning materials as it is easy to see any unwanted marks. I used blue tack and marbles to elevate the subject off its background and to stand the knife up as seen in fig.9.

Overall I am happy with one of my images from this shoot fig.1 as I like the shape and form of the knife. I will aim to revisit this shoot in the future as I would like to be more successful on achieving my desired goal with this subject. My main inspiration for composing this shoot was upon researching the works of Jan Groover and her kitchen utensils. She creates strong shadows and uses the light to enhance the reflectivity of the meatal of the object.

Equipment used: two light sources, two soft boxes, silver reflector paper, sync lead, hot shoe adapter, tripod and Perspex glass.



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