Studio Shoot 4: Perfume

I aimed to create a range of low lighting and depth of field within this set of images, with Irving Penn’s Clinique photoshoot at the forefront of my mind. I wanted the images to be sparkly, enticing and possibly representing a perfume advertisement image. I used a bottle of perfume with some pearls from a bracelet and a piece of glass from a photo frame. I used both black and white card to adjust the background which created a high and low key effect.

I mostly prefer fig.2 due to the moody and mysterious effect that appears as though the perfume could be leaving the bottle. This effect was added by using some silver reflective paper. I removed the glass for fig.2 as I aimed to create a different look. Using one light source with a flash head and a honeycomb filter for soft lighting effects, I lowered the light so that just a slit of light was peering over the table. I used a medium size aperture ranging between f/8 and f/11, allowing for more light and some depth of field.

If I were to revisit this shoot I would possibly spray the perfume and capture the motion of the mist leaving the bottle. Although this would have to be done at a later stage as I have learned that the simpler the objects the better for this simester of studio work.

Equipment used: sync lead, hot shoe adapter, tripod, piece of glass, black and white card for backgrounds, silver paper reflector, one light source on boom arm and a flash head reflector with honeycomb.


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