Studio Shoot 5: Knife (Revisit)

I decided to assemble a second set of images based around the knife as the still life subject as I like the angles and engravement detail on the handle. I feel in the last shoot I didn’t quite get the lighting sufficiently accurate enough to enhance the subject. For this shoot I used one light source with a flash head, a honeycomb filter to concentrate the light and positioned it on a simple black background. I am pleased with the use of shadow and highlights created by the reflective silver paper giving an illusion of movement in fig.1.  I decided not to use glass as the background for this set up but on evaluation I believe the glass would have been more effective by creating a symmetrical reflection. I used Jan Groover’s cutlery images as inspiration for this shoot, her use of light transforms ordinary images into something extra special and familiar to everyone.






Being that this shoot was a revisit it is evident that my consistency has been rewarded by evidently improved studio skills. In my eye, fig.2  is the most successful image from the shoot as the lighting is just sufficient enough for refining the angular shape of the handle allowing a line of detail to be seen. I particularly like the slit of light being directed down the handle of the blade contrasted with the black background makes this image bold and stands out. However, there is damage visible on the blade in fig. 1, this could have been avoided by turning the knife over or using an alternative, undamaged knife. Also there are some white speckles evident in fig. 2 on the background, this is due to the cleaning materials used. I will ensure I have more appropriate cleaning materials for future practices.




My final image is slightly blown out in the blade area, I believe I have allowed too much light directly onto the subject, in the widest area on material that bounces the light. I find the positioning of the knife alluring, as standing the knife up has added statement and definition. I used blue tack to hold it in position. The table is still visible in the background were I have not completely covered the table with card. I will aim to ensure all elements of the image are arranged correctly before taking the shot in future and ensure I fully check what is happening in my frame before pressing the shutter release.


Equipment used: tripod, sync lead, hot shoe adapter, black card for the background, silver reflective paper, blue tack and a marble to hold the knife up, one light source, with flash head and a honeycomb filter.

Set up:




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