Weekly Photoshoot 3- Blurring or Freezing Motion

This weeks photo challenge was to blur or freeze motion within an image. I used this weir at Roach Bridge as the cascading water created a water fall that captured the blurring motion. The shoot was carried out whilst standing on the bridge, it was evening time, and the traffic was becoming busy so I had to be extra precautious whilst taking this image to avoid any collisions. The weather conditions were bright and sunny, and I had to use a slower shutter speed to allow for the blur. I used shutter speed of 1/15sec reducing to 1/2sec, requiring me to use a wide aperture of f/22 to compensate for the light loss.

I am pleased with the composition of my images as I have placed the edge of the weir, and the flat water line on the lines of thirds. I have also captured some foreground which adds more depth and detail. The tree also sits in the image subtly framing the image and drawing the eye into that area were the weir starts a nice formation across the horizon of the image. Although the image appears slightly flat; I learnt to use the exposure triangle settings as opposites to each other to create a more powerful image. I.e. if shutter speed is all the way up as fast as it can go, set ISO and aperture to minimum and vice versa.





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