Whitworth Art Gallery

I recently visited the Withworth Art Museum in Manchester as part of my extra curricular activities. I found this to be an inspiring trip as they had many different forms of art to view, like the upcoming exhibition in the images above. The textiles piece is due to open for viewing on 10th October 2015.  I was able to get a picture but I am unaware of who it is by at this moment in time and I was asked not to share these images by a member of staff.

Here are some of the images that I took of the stairways inside the building, I was inspired by the amount of light and detail. I also found the images below to be very gripping, and inspiring to look at. The images were very large and filled the wall space with black and white aerial view of waves drawn from a photograph. Richard Forster, the artist, prefers to make realistic drawings from photographs rather than using real life subjects or people.

There was also a photo exhibition in black and white by Johnnie Shand Kydd. I took a couple of close up images of inspiring portraits; I like the hair swishing, and the shadows from the hat created on the face, while posing in what seems to be their natural environment.

There was many other pieces of work on display including portraits of real life artist’s, sculptures, Cornelia Parker, Magna Carter hand stitched embroidery, and paintings created with water colors.






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