Health and Safety in the Photography Studio

I have had a formal induction to health and safety in the studio that included these basic instructions:

  • Ensure that all lights and packs are switched off before connecting or disconnecting from the power sockets.
  • Discharge the lights after changing the settings and before storage.
  • Remove the plastic protective caps to prevent fire due to melting.
  • Fire extinguishers and fire exits were identified.
  • Cables and leads to be safely knotted before storage and used safely without causing any obstruction during a shoot.
  • Never touch a bulb with bare hands, other areas of skin or clothing due to high heat.
  • Light stands and tripods are to be put up correctly and securely to avoid any trips, falls or damage to the equipment.
  • No food or drink permitted in the studio, shoots that involve liquids require prior arrangement and a risk assessment.
  • Unnecessary exposure to the flash must be considered to avoid eye damage or dazzling when working with a model.
  • Intelligent use of space should be employed to avoid trip hazards and to provide a generally safe working environment.
  • Report and faults or accidents immediately to the photographic lab technician.

I have also included a detailed Health and Safety Executive document relating to health and safety in buildings used for locations or temporary studios for an in depth description on how to use the studio safely by government guidelines.

Health and Safety Executive Document

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