Cover Letter

Miss Michala Cuerden

12 Wharfedale Avenue,





T. 07711982404


Date __/__/__

Company name_________________________________

Company Address________________________________

Re: Application for the post of Assistant Photographer

I am a 27 year old, female, currently studying my first year of a photography degree at Blackburn University Centre with a particular interest in fashion, portrait, and documentary photography.  I am hoping to gain experience via work based learning in the professional photographic industry to broaden my skills and experience, and your company is of  particular interest to me due to___________________________________________________________

I have a dedicated, hardworking and reliable nature and I always work to the best of my ability in an extremely professional manner. I have previous experience in customer service, and currently hold a casual part time job working for the NHS via an agency, this work is optional and would not effect my professional work placements.

I believe working with you would enable me with the skills necessary to enhance, and develop my learning experience, providing me with greater knowledge and understanding of the photographic industry.

I am familiar with the studio environment, and equipment so believe I could be helpful in my assistance to you. I also have a small amount of photographic, professional experience, such as promotional imagery produced for Villa De Prais, a luxury farm house accommodation in the south of France. I hope to expand upon this greatly in the future, perhaps with a position at your company being a part of this.

I hope you may consider me for an assistive work based placement and that I may look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely

Michala Cuerden

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