Studio Shoot 6: Glass Jar


This shoot was carried out in the studio and was done using the simplest of objects to photograph. I thought I would use this glass jar as my subject to simply play around with my lighting technique rather than focussing on difficult subjects.

I used one light source for fig.1 above and later introduced a second light source for more to obtain a high key background as seen in fig. 2. I prefer fig. 1 with the use of one light as fig. 2 appears to be blown out.


In this row of images I used two light sources at the back of the set with the light beaming across each other lighting up the background. If I had added a third light at the front of the set this would have possibly illuminated the subject, creating reflections and highlights on the glass. As I played with the lights in the background its easy to see the effects in fig. 1-8 above. The images started out over exposed as the light sources were too close to the subject and I have to much negative space in the frame as seen in fig. 1 and fig. 2. I decided to reposition my camera and I adjusted the lighting by moving the lights further back and moving my object further away from the background. This then appeared to expose correctly eventually. Fig. 3 is black as the sync lead accidently fell out of my hot shoe adapter on the top of my camera, next time I could use a piece of tape to hold this in position. I am pleased that I achieved the correct exposure for the background and its clear to see the graduation of improvement within this set of images.

I used ISO 100, f/16 and 1/160sec shutter speed throughout this shoot. I realise that I have only played with the lighting by moving in closer and further away and the flash and light power, to obtain the correct exposure. Next time I will aim to be more experimental with my camera settings. I believe this set of images are mundane, if I was to revisit this shoot I would use more interesting and defined glassware to help my images have more sophistication. I will also adapt a different set up and technique to achieve the desired result.






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