Shoot 7- Crystal Ware

I aimed to create high quality crystal ware images that had rainbows visible through the glass. Although I did not achieve this result I am still satisfied with my images due to the delicate detail of the glass as the light softly radiates through. The softness and naturalness of the light with the reflections in the glass background on the table adding a decorative mirrored effect with a quality feel to the images. Although fig. 3 is slightly over exposed with not much detail visible in the glass.  There is also a slight distraction in fig. 4 as the black card and glass are still visible in the foreground were I have not quite zoomed in enough. I used two light sources for this setup, directing one of the lights to the back of the studio to light up the background for the high key effect. I used flash heads on the light sources to give a bright directed light, and I used black and white card for the table background to experiment and to assist with the naturalness, and tonal range of the image. I also used a technique called ‘Flagging’ during this shoot, as seen in setup 2, which is used to control and direct the light which was an effective method for this shoot working well with the crystal ware.


As mentioned in a previous shoot I aimed to play with my camera settings more when working in the studio, as I stuck to the same setting throughout during my last shoot. As seen in the images below I changed my aperture to create more depth of field but this made my images over exposed, further experimentation is required.



I also composed a low key set of images (Fig. 5-15) that I feel enhances, and exaggerates the detail in the glass. I used black card for the table background with a piece of glass positioned on top, and reduced to one light source (still with flash head), creating harsher light and shadows. I also used two large black card reflectors on either side of the subject, as seen in glassware and crystal photography for auction on eBay. Glassware and Crystal Photography.


I like the darker backgrounds of these images as it allows the subject to obtain the viewers full attention due to the complex and dimensional detail. I adjusted the arrangement of the subject to create a more abstract form, and shaped to create a different perspective. I started the shoot on my standard kit lens 18mm-55mm, then I decided to make use of my zoom lens 55mm-250mm to add more sharpness and depth to my images. I used ISO 100, 1/160sec, and f/11 throughout this shoot and concentrated on adjusting the light sources for creating the effects.


I also made use of the mini curve by putting a black sheet over it but the sheet had a crinkled effect which I don’t think suited the subject, so I continued with my original set up.



If I was to do this shoot again I would use a bigger piece of glass so that the full reflection can bee seen, and so that the edges are not visible in the foreground.  I could have cropped my images but I believe that this takes away some of the image quality.



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