Brief Checklist

Checklist requirements for formative deadline hand in on 30th November 2015.

1.Reflective Practitioner

  1. Thirty hours evidence of continuous professional development
  2. Three photographs with detailed evaluations discussing strengths and weaknesses
  3. Create CV
  4. Create a cover letter
  5. Research into three photography companies that I consider to be potential employment
  6. Provide evidence through links on blog

Submission Instructions

  1. 1500 word essay demonstrating an awareness of individuals strengths, and weaknesses
  2. Create a blog that depicts a range of skills, and competencies using reflective writing to demonstrate awareness of personal development planning.
  3. A4 ring binder containing records of tutorials, and self evaluation

2. The Studio

  1. History of photography studio on blog
  2. Reviewed the work of other practitioners on blog
  3. Used others work to inform own practices
  4. Made photographs in a considered, methodical manner
  5. Evaluated own photography explaining strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned
  6. Have built a portfolio
  7. Have presented all supporting material

Submission Instructions

  1. Six high quality images (print based)
  2. Supporting material on blog
  3. Assignment sheet with documented feedback
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