Portfolio: Image 2


The warmness and golden tones within this image create a comforting feeling. Again, I have made use of a subject that is generally mundane that people may usually walk past and not consider its beauty. It creates a feeling of early morning walks that most viewers will be able to relate to stirring up some feeling or emotion. The fence element within the image gives pattern and symmetry, also adding a layered effect to the image. There are three different subjects within the image, it has a foreground being the darker plants with fluffy heads, a fence in the mid ground and a grassy background that all comes together making a more complex image than I first imagined. I like the contrast of this image as the background is softly lit due to the illumination of the sunshine and the foreground has just enough shadow in the stems and enough light hitting the heads of the plants due to the height that the image has been taken.

However if I was to take this image again I would possibly experiment with flash fill. I believe that this would give a more professional and ethereal aesthetic.

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