Portfolio: Image 3


I have chosen this image for evaluation and portfolio due to the following three elements of complexity. I like the distorted vision of the foreground and background with the central focus of the subject being sharp. Due to the nature of the subject being razor sharp I find this image aesthetically pleasing due to the soft focus blending effect. The way the line is out of focus but leading into sharpness, then into softness again really takes the eye on a journey through the image. The rocks also create two interesting textures. They have highly defined features but again are in focus in the foreground and soft in the background. The added feature of the wooden beam also helps to maintain central focus of the image. I believe this makes this image very complex and artistically arranged. There is also an abstract effect emerging in the background with the black linear lines being segmented by the barbed wire that holds compositional similarities to Piet Mondrian’s work.

However I do find a certain area of this image distracting, which is the blurred clump of barbed wire on the top line towards the centre of the image. If I had opened my aperture by 2 stops I could have got this in focus, with the remaining barbed wire still being blurred. I used a relatively small aperture of f/9, ISO 100 and 1/40sec shutter speed.



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