Weekly Photoshoot 5- Night

This task was based on the word ‘Night’, which could incorporate several different techniques. My first vision was to capture light trails from cars but with in being bonfire week, I instead aimed to capture the trails of fireworks. The image below was my main image used for this assignment hand in to discuss within a class session. I chose this image due to the straight lines formed by the explosion of the firework and the range of colour. I like the composition of the image on a low angle just cutting into the frame which allows for the lines of colour to be seen. I used settings  f/4, 1/2 sec shutter speed and ISO 100.

My second image also caught the explosion on point but the lines are not as straight as seen in my first image so I decided to use this as my runner up. Again, the colour and the line detail is particularly fascinating and pleasing to the eye. I used settings  f/4, 1 sec shutter speed and ISO 100.

Overall the shoot went to plan, although it was difficult at times to capture the explosion of the fireworks due to their speed, and finding the correct focussing points. I also used my zoom lens (55-250mm) which worked well for some shots but using my standard wide angle kit lens may have been more appropriate for the task. I would have been able to capture more sky within my images resulting in more fireworks. I used a slower shutter speed for this image, reducing from 1/2 sec to 1 sec, which I believe may have caused the lines to distort making them appear feathery rather than sharp.

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