Photo Shoot 11: Cutlery

Upon researching Jan Groover I found her use of everyday objects such as cutlery and other kitchen utensils to be powerfully inventive and refreshing. Her ability to make everyday mundane objects look intriguing is an exceptional skill.

My aim was to create my own set of inspiring images by using cutlery as the subject. I believe I have replicated this well, however on evaluation I realise that white card would have been more effective in the background to create more contrast against the shadow. I also notice that the cutlery I have chosen appears worn, brand new cutlery or well polished materials could have also been more effective.

I firstly experimented with different shapes and perspectives of the fork, by creating shadows and reflection. I used one light source with a snoot and honeycomb filter to obtain a directed light. I created pattern and symmetry with the form of the shadows to give a disillusioned effect and to push myself to be as creative as I could. I am particularly delighted with fig. 1 as the simple subject being mirrored in symmetry with the shadow seems much like Jan Groover’s work due to the interesting lighting and dynamic, semi-abstract form.

I used settings 1/160 second shutter speed, ISO 400 and aperture ranging from f/9 to f/11. I wanted to be experimental by adding more objects to the arrangement, I did this by adding a folded paper napkin and a vase representing a jug of water or other dining table accessories.

The high key effect created by the napkin adds a distinctive dining feel to fig. 7. Overall I am dissatisfied with this shoot due to the simple lack of using white card for the background. However I am now more aware of the background being as important as the subject and I am still actively developing the skill to make ordinary objects look more extraordinary and visually enticing.


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