Studio Shoot 10: Berries

This shoot was inspired by Irving Penn, Still Life. His extraordinary use of food items has me fascinated due to their creative and compelling form.


I used settings 1/160 second shutter speed, ISO 400 and an aperture of f/9 in fig. 1 to 4 and f/11 for fig. 5. I prefer fig. 5 as using a slightly bigger aperture has made the berries appear darker and juicier with a more intense light being created on the berries. Although the corner of the frame has been cropped too much and it is slightly under exposed.

I am pleased with the arrangement and composition of this shoot. The shadows are particularly admirable in fig 2&3 as the shadow of the berries adds more dimension and angular shape. Fig. 5 has also managed to maintain the shadows of the berries, whilst also appearing in three shapes with is an established fact that three is always more appealing than two to the human eye.

I continued to be experimental by crushing up the berries. However this was not an aesthetically pleasing image so I abandoned this idea and will aim to revisit in the future. I would possibly place the berries on a piece of glass to create reflections, and have a glass of juice in the arrangement as though they have just been squeezed to create the juice. Also spritzing them with water would have added a succulent and sparkly effect, which I will aim to incorporate this next time.




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