Studio Shoot 12: Beer Can

My aim for this shoot was to replicate a masterclass video hosted by Karl Taylor, who is a professional photographer. I used two light sources, one side on from the subject at table level and one low down directly illuminating the background. I used a large piece of foam board for the background and a piece of white card to place the subject on.

I used settings 1/160 second shutter speed, ISO 100 and f/9. I used a tripod and also made use of gel modifiers to create the different colours. I feel that this has added a professional appeal to these photographs. Maybe adding an over head top light could have assisted the quality to its optimum result, as this would have created a focussed circle of light in the centre illuminating the subject all around. The composition in fig.2 is more precise, making this the most pleasing of the two images. I would like to revisit this shoot experimenting with different subjects but by adding multiple background subjects and illuminating from multiple angles, becoming more technical with my approach.

Fig 3&4 have slightly different tones in the background, this is due to adjusting the position of the light source and adjusting the flash power to obtain the correct exposure. On evaluation I believe fig.3 with the darker background is the stronger image. Fig.5 is most definitely the strongest image from the set, along with fig.2. I am of the opinion that my studio work in continuing to improve as these images are much higher in quality.

I feel as though the shoot went well and I achieved the results that I was aiming for. I continued with the use of foam board for the background, and I used a table to place my subject on. I used a piece of tape to hold the gels over the lights being careful with my timing to avoid any heat issues. I also used foam boards to block any light coming from other users in the studio as this flooded my background.


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