Studio Shoot 13: Tea bag

This shoot was based on making mundane and everyday objects appear appealing as perfectly represented by Irving Penn in his Cigarette Butt work, see image above. I have been inspired by the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, Jan Groover and Irving Penn with their unique ability to present simple objects in an enchanting manner.

I used one light source to compose this shoot, with a snoot modifier and honeycomb filter. The circular light source from the snoot adds a spot light that illuminates the subject then gradually fades into the darkness. The texture of the tea bag is visible and the tiny diffusion holes are evident creating defined detail while the soft light radiates through, looking almost like silk.

If I were to improve this shoot I would add a second light source to eliminate the shadow created by the subject, although this could take away the images definition and interest. I used ISO 200, 1/160 second shutter speed and f/9 aperture for a soft depth of field.




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