Paulette Tavormina Research

Born (1949)


  Paulette Tavormina is an American born fine-art photographer. Best known for ‘Natura Morta’ photographs which featured in eight solo exhibitions, including Paris, New York, San Fransisco and Boston, also collaborating in multiple group shows. Natura Morta is a series of images based on a replication of the Old Masters with arrangement details relating to the 17th century. Her main interest came from using a dark room to create black and white images. She found this rather addictive, immersing herself in the development process.

  The delightful and elegant arrangements hold a feel of complexity and enchanting fascination. The arrangement and composition of the objects appear masterful and authentic in presentation. I am fond of the strong use of colours and naturalistic tones, expressing a dynamic range that adds to the feel of the imagery. Her photographs are of a strong narrative, giving a feeling of wanting to touch the arrangement, drawing you in with their sensational atmospheric originality. 

  Her works are similar to Francisco de Zurbaran, Adriaen Coorte and Giovanna Garzoni who also create beautifully arranged still life, usually composed of fruit, vegetables and objects. Tavormina has also carried out work with historical Indian pottery and Navajo jewelry, developing her skill with the use of a Hasselblad Camera and studio lighting which launched her career in photography. Also working with multiple art directors, creating several cook books and producing enticing imagery of food items.

  Tavormina states that she pours herself into creating her work, usually taking her three days to a week to set up a shoot and to get it how she likes it. In the process she will make hundreds of shots, tweaking and refining until she gets each element in the right place with the light kissing each surface exactly how she would like it (Photo Technique Magazine).

Adriaen Coorte:


Francisco de Zurbaran:


Giovanna Garzoni:

Tavormina also went on to be a prop specialist in Hollywood where she went on to design the sets for eight major movies. Her photographs are currently in world famous collections, such as Snite Museum, Notre dame, Indiana, Alimentarium Museum, Vevey, Switzerland, the Norton Simon Museum in Florida and she was awarded the Grand Prix at the International Culinaire Photography Festival in Paris for her Natura Morta works.



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