Portfolio Evaluation: Studio Window

I find diffused view of the garden particularly satisfying. With the addition of sprayed water on the window. I believe that I have managed to replicate the rain in Sudek’s studio window image well. I find the way the composition and objects chosen has created a narrative to the image of creativity, due to them being artist’s tools arranged in a way that looks like the artist is in the act of using them. I chose three main objects to appeal to the compositional rule of odds. The light has been captured in a manner that emphasises the refraction of the glass and water, creating nice shadows also projected light through both the jar and the water onto the window sill. The positioning of the paint brushes in the jars has proven to produce a pleasing effect. I particularly like distortion of the paint brush in the water and also the mirroring of this brush, of the one upside down brush in the large jar. This creates a sense of non uniformity and disorder that adds to the effect of creative narrative.

I also like the way the water jar perfectly aligned with the window frame, but the large jar protrudes above it and therefore the view through the window is still seen but further distorted. I think the way the easel is cropped creates a miniature window in the corner of the larger window, appealing to repetition in the way a fractal does.

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