Richard Caldicott Research

(Born 1962)


  Richard Cadicott is a contemporary artist, born in Leicester and currently living in London. He is famous for his drawings, paintings and photographs due to their intensely abstract geometric manner using traditional techniques, with distinctive arrangements in a compelling form. He does this by creating layers by bringing them together in a single frame to establish the astonishingly bold and abstract aesthetic. He is a multi talented artist, creating series of drawings, paintings, photograms and photographs.




His work is abstract which I find very appealing. The bold use of colour and simple geometry creates a sense of simplicity or purity of expression. There appears to be a central focal point within each of the images. This draws the eye inwards, grabbing the viewers attention.


I again like the simplicity and innovative use of everyday objects like plastic cups to create interesting forms. The use of a single coloured light such as red and blue respectively alters the mood without changing anything else in the image.



Sir Elton John holds the largest photography collection in the world which holds much of Richards work. Elton stated ‘Richard has the unique ability to transform the medium of photography, creating something new, but still using the most traditional technique. Richard is one of those artists who elevates photography to an important and recognised form of contemporary expression’ (Hamilton’s Gallery).




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