Records of Feedback for Planning a Photography Project

Records of feedback for weekly photo shoot project



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Feedback on weekly photo shoot stated that I incorporated all three of the elements required which were juxtaposition, visual irony, and the decisive moment. Image very naturalist, good composition, although slight distraction in the corner that I could have cropped.

R. Peregrine


Feedback on weekly photo shoot stated that the reservoir was the better image, could have gotten higher up for a more powerful horizon effect. Could have had a stronger foreground, and used a lens hood or my hand to avoid the flare visible in the image. Image two, image of the bridges, could have had better composition if I had dropped the camera lower to the ground. Also I based my focus point on a random rock in the water rather than measuring with a tape measure that seems to work well. Although, colour saturation has been pumped up too much causing chromatic aberration.

R. Peregrine


Feedback given on weekly photo shoot on motion. Good composition, can not fault the photograph. Although, water could have been more milky by using slower shutter speed, I used 1/15sec which is the basic starting point for capturing blur. Demonstration given using editing effect sliders to give the photo more appeal. Advice given on exposure triangle and how to use them in correlation to create more impact when creating my imagery.

R. Peregrine


Weekly feedback on portraits photo shoot task. I hit the target creating high, low and mid key portraits. I was also shown how to edit my images to obtain the best possible results from them using the editing tools in ‘Aperture’. I also obtained feedback on shutter speeds used for portraits.

R, Peregrine


Feedback on weekly photo shoot. Good image, could have used a wider angle lens and a tripod to avoid camera shake.

R. Peregrine


Obtained feedback for the images that I have produced for the start of ‘Atmosphere of Place’ project, stated that I have made a very good start. Images are very creepy and atmospheric, with the use of bounce flash to compensate for bad weather conditions. Advised to possibly use a model to add to the effect of my images.

R. Peregrine


Obtained feedback on project images created so far. Good feedback, offered an alternative way to spot light areas of the scene. Technique shown, using a metal material that bends to create a more directed light, advised to use long exposure or bulb as an alternative.

M. Pearson


Re evaluated project images. Advice given for another recommended location. Scan negatives onto pc from tutors previous shoot on guidance on finding the location. Also accessed google maps, positive feedback for the start of the project.

R. Peregrine


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