Studio Shoot 17: Flash Painting [07/12/15]

The aim of this shoot was to compose an image by using my Canon EX-RT Speedlite to create small pockets of light that illuminates the model. I used the crank tripod with step ladders to gain height as my model was positioned on the floor and I used an extra light source with a flash head and honeycomb filter. The extra light source was set to fire one flash at the beginning of the shoot to highlight the face area. This shoot required total darkness and a long shutter speed of around 15 to 20 seconds. I set my flash to 40 flashes at 2 flashes per second, giving 20 flashes for each side of the body. This was altered during the shoot from 20 seconds to 15 seconds and the flashes were reduced to 30 flashes still at 2 per second, as I found that the exposure time was fractionally too long. I also used my standard kit lens (18-55mm) as I needed full frame to compose my image. However if I was to do this shoot again I would use a larger piece of material for the background as it was difficult at times getting the edges lined up in the frame of the camera. As seen in fig. 2 the foot has been cut by the frame, if I had a larger piece of material I could have had my lens on its widest point but due to this I needed to zoom in further to crop out the unwanted edges.

On evaluation I could have possibly remained at 40 flashed and spent more time using the light to paint the model. In fig. 1 the hand resting on the body could have been illuminated more appropriately and there is some blur visible on the foot were the background material has just grazed over the toe causing a line of shadow. I am dissatisfied with the positioning of the model, particularly in fig. 2&3. It was difficult for the model obtaining an elegant pose due to fitting her full body into the frame and how high I could get the crank tripod due to the step ladder height limit at university. However for my first practice I am very pleased with the outcome as I feel fig. 1 especially has an air of professionalism and extraordinary. I can also see my mistakes and were I can improve if I was to revisit this type of shoot in the future.

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