Studio Shoot 18: Portrait [07/12/15]


I composed this shoot based upon Irving Penn’s works for Vogue Magazine. I found his portraits classy in aesthetic and wanted to recreate my own version of images based around this. I started with one light source with a large soft box for a soft diffused light, then I added a beauty dish to assist with sculpting and refining the models face. I used a wide aperture to create soft depth of field in the background and I have made them almost black and white which adds a quality feel to the images.

I used my standard kit lens (18-55mm) for this shoot. My zoom lens (55-250mm) would have created a more high quality portrait due to the extra magnification within the lens. However I made use of what I had and feel and believe I have still achieved high quality results that could be representative of a magazine cover.

I find this shoot slightly mundane and the models expression to be slightly unappealing. I found that this shoot was rushed due to limited time in the studio. My original intention was to spend the majority of the time on the ‘Flash Painting Shoot’ but due to wanting to keep the customer satisfied and try a range of shoots I found that time became limited. I have learned from this and realised that if you want to do a job properly allow sufficient time rather than cramming both shoots in such a narrow time slot. I will aim to revisit these shoots in future, spending more time on the flash painting to perfect the image and add more lighting technique into this portrait shoot.



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