Portfolio Evaluation: Flash Painting

Fig. 1 [ISO 100, f/20,15sec]

Fig. 1 [ISO 100, f/20,15sec]

  I am pleased with achieving my main objective of creating a flash painting image. I believe this technique has been effective in creating the fantasy style that I was aiming for. I am happy with the way the model and her outfit contrast against the background due to their illumination and the silky material creating a shimmering reflective effective effect. However I am dissatisfied with the overall positioning and pose as it appears slightly unnatural in the lower body and leg area. This could possibly have been due to how close I had to frame the image so as not to capture the edges of the background in frame. This made the model have to crush her feet in and could have been rectified with a larger black background, to create a wider shot with a more elongated model. Upon inspection I have realised that I could have illuminated the models left hand more appropriately as it is in shadow and the background overlapped the models foot a little, again possibly down to the positioning. Apart from minor details I am overall very pleased with this shot. Further research could include variations in flash painting techniques, such as coloured films and altering the flash parameters i.e. power and zoom.


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