Studio Shoot 16: Wine and Glass


Wine with Glass 2

Wine with Glass 2

This shoot was created after researching product photography and finding the work of David Kittos. I believe the low key effect achieved in these images add a sophisticated and moody element by dramatically highlighting only the silhouette of the subject.

I used two light sources with large soft boxes and a snoot with honey comb filter to highlight the bottles label but decided that the shoot worked best without highlighting this element. I placed two large foam boards in front of the soft boxes to flag and direct the light. This helped to create the soft lines that illuminate the subject and avoid and light flooding onto the background. I used ISO 100, 1/160 second shutter speed and an aperture ranging from f/11 to f/22 with f/22 working more accurately for the low key effect.

I prefer ‘Wine with Glass 1’ due to the strong and well composed reflection in the glass background but on evaluation I notice that there is a small black line from the wine glass that creates a break in the silhouette of the bottle. ‘Wine with Glass 2’ has avoided this, will a full outline on the bottle but the reflection in the glass background is not as evident.

When working in the studio I intend to use the ‘tethering’ feature in Lightroom were images are transferred to the computer screen immediately after pressing the shutter. This will allow for a full screen evaluation before reshooting the subject, reducing room for errors that can not be picked up in more detailed shots via the LCD screen.



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