Olivier Otoscani Research

Oliviero Toscani is best known for his controversial and multiculturalism advertisement projects for Benetton fashion group. He was clever at conducting tactics that created mass communication by taunting issues in society. His work angered some people as they found what he was depicting to be offensive. His work also depicts war, religion and social racism. As seen in the image of three hearts in fig. 4,  he is clearly making reference and acknowledging what is going on in the world around us rather than painting a pretty picture. This is a bold recognition that we are all the same, no matter what our skin colour is we all have the same heart and internal organs which makes us no different from each other. Kissing Nun’ image, fig. 3 challenges religious beliefs and values causing shock and questioning of Catholicism. I believe his images to be raw, true and very brave, he appears to be painting the picture of true life in its gruelling form which is in fact reality.




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