Yellow Korner


Is an agency that organises and sells the art for the photographer, hassle free with the artist a acquiring a percentage of the income. They deal with framing, advertising, exhibitions, fees and customers etc so it can be beneficial to the artist. When evaluating the sums it appears that Yellow Korner keep a vast percentage of the value of the photograph but if a large amount of prints are sold at the best value then the photographer potentially stands to make a lot of money. Here is a pie chart displaying an estimated calculation of outgoings:






The current value for prints on their website are as follows:

  • 1000 prints x £70.00= £70,000
  • 500 prints x £340= £170, 000
  • 200 prints x £865= £173,000
  • 100 prints x £925= £92, 500

Depending on the quality and the amounts of prints sold this agency could provide a good annual income. If the photographer gives permission for the agency to advertise just two photographs each year and they sell a minimum of 1000 prints then the photographer is looking to earn £70,000.

Amy Gibbings makes a living by capturing her images while travelling and on holidays, turning this into a profitable business by selling her images on Manchester Christmas Markets. It is believed that Amy earns a yearly salary during the six week festive season.



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