Topic 2: Jobs in the Photography Sector

The Association of Photography:

The Association of Photographers was first formed in 1968 as the Association of Fashion and Advertising Photographers and is one of the most prestigious professional photographers’ associations in the world. The main aim of the company is to promote, advertise and sell photographers and their work. Photographers and assistants have access to the site to publish their CV’s along with a set of photographs for potential job opportunities.

Current Membership Subscriptions;


Yearly Fee




£315.00 pa

Assisting Photographer

£80.00 pa

Junior Assistant

£25.00 pa


£280.00 pa

Affiliated Companies

£1000 package

Affiliated College/Universities

£450 + £150 expenses pa

Open Membership

£82.50 pa


The AOP also hold exhibitions including the annual student photography awards and photographer awards. By becoming a member you automatically become part of a wider community of assistants, photographers and agents. The fee is currently free for a student to join (provided they are enrolled with an affiliating college/university), with a varied yearly membership fee for varied levels of membership.


Creative Skill Set:

Creative Skillset empowers the Creative Industries to develop skills and talent by influencing and shaping policy, ensuring quality and by securing the vital investment for individuals to become the best in their field and for businesses to grow.  They specialise in the following areas;

  • Photo Imaging (Photography)
  • television
  • radio
  • fashion
  • animation
  • games
  • visual effects
  • textiles
  • publishing
  • advertising
  • marketing communications
  • performing arts

Creative Skill Set offers assistance to young creative talent, creative businesses, creative professionals, trainers and educators.  They also provide courses,  job roles, news and events.  They have a wide range of jobs available to suit different levels of skill and ability, the job roles section of this site gives details on how to find the best route into your chosen profession.


Jobs in Photography:

Job Role

Average Income

Product Photographer

£25, 000

Junior Retoucher

£20, 000

Assistant Photographer

£15, 000

Senior Photographer

£32, 000

Studio Manager

£40, 000





Essential qualities to being a good professional photographer;

  1. Punctuality and a good time keeper
  2. Reliable
  3. A good work ethic
  4. Good communication skills
  5. A sense of humour
  6. Easy going personality
  7. Flexible
  8. Willing to learn new things
  9. Being able to work independently or in a team
  10. Resourceful


Photographers such as Sam Faulkner, Tim Flach and Jonathan Oakes started out as assistant photographers later becoming famous for their own works.



A Day Work Experience At a Printing Laboratory:

I have recently sought out a days work experience at Paul Graham’s professional photo printing lab to gain better knowledge and understanding of the popular printing processes and materials. I found the day to give me great insight to the types of materials and job specifications required by professional photographers, who trade there. I assisted for a full day, working on different types of jobs recording the process steps.

Introduction to workshop and available materials:


Job 1: Laminating and Mounting Collage Images



Job 2: Laminating and Mounting Individual Images


Job 3: Preparing the Perspex for Mounting the Images Onto


Job 4: Create a Digital File for Customer Image

For this job I was asked to take a high resolution image of this painting to turn it into a digital file ready to be printed for a customer. I used natural daylight, later adjusting the sharpness and saturation in photoshop before printing on an inkjet printer.




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