Topic 4: Commercial Image Production

Commercial photography involves taking images for the use of advertising, merchandising and product placement. This can be an effective way of making money as a photographers as the adverting industry very powerful and persuasive, companies pay big money to have their product advertised correctly. Photographers and other creative artist’s can also join agencies that find all the work for them. However, they do take a fairly large percentage of the overall income. Although, they find all your jobs for you with the convienice of you just turning up, doing the shoot and getting paid rather than you doing all the leg work. This seems particularly appealing to me, as the time spent looking for photography work could be spent on long term personal projects to earn an extra income, or just having the time to do something that I am passionate about.

There are many agencies out there but it seems like London is the best area for working professional photographers so being flexible in working locations, or considering relocation could be considerable. Here are some photographic agencies that I have researched to get an idea of what is out there;

  1. Northern Collective Photographic Agency (Manchester)  Specialise in commercial, editorial and events.
  2. The Pure Agency (London)  Photographic agency that represents professional photographers, stylists, set designs, creative directors and moving image artist’s. Customers include, Loreal, Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Nestle, Jimmy Choo, Harrods and more.
  3. AOP (London)  Agency that represents and supports photographers, assisting photographers and agents, covering mainly fashion and advertisement. Also holding exhibitions and awards for photographers at different stages.
  4. LHA a London based photographic agency.  extensive client listings and has expanded across the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors. They produce stills and moving image, with many of our artists experienced in both areas. Services range from shoot production and budget management to model casting and location scouting.


Karl Hopkinson

Is a commercial Photographer that covers advertising, architecture, construction, education, events, fashion, food portraits and transport. Karl recently came to university to speak to the class about the commercial photographic industry. Fortunately I managed to secure some work based learning, on location at a prestige car, garage and bar at a high profile clients house. I was unable to take any pictures during this shoot due to the sensitive nature of the client but it did provide me with an insight into commercial photography and how it is conducted.




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