Topic 7: Beyond the Lens

‘Beyond The Lens’ (aka the bible for photographers and commissioners) is an essential guide book provided by the AOP  that covers rights, ethics and business practice in professional photography.

As a student member of the AOP I have the right to use all forms and documentation for my own professional practice whilst studying. I.e. full access to release forms such as model release, property release, location release, license to use, agreement, invoices etc.

I have included the link for purchasing the book below, it is currently selling for £19.99 which is very good value for the contents and protection that it offers.

However,  AOP Members and AOP students are entitled to a special price of £10 and P&P for the printed book. Please ensure you are logged into the website to receive the member’s discount – See more at:

Also, Recognised students can buy the printed book for £20 and P&P and Colleges/Universities can obtain further discounts on bulk purchases. -See more at:


AOP Downloads:

  1. Legal and Business Forms– terms and conditions, invoices and license to use templates.
  2. How Photographers Charge– results of AOP survey on how photographers are working in the digital fields.
  3. Exhibitions and Print Sales- download documents on how to submit your images for members online exhibitions.

As a student member I intend to download the full content of these downloads and begin to incorporate them in my future work as a professional photographer. It is important to start to build a consistent good working practice to avoid any future complications. I have created a folder which contains each of the forms which I now intend on obtaining clients signature of approval for me to have full ownership of the photographs.

Here is a link to the required downloads;












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