Research on Tableau Artist’s

William Hogarth


  An English artist that specialised in cartoon, printing, sequential art, pictorial Satirist and was also a social critic. He was most famous for his series of paintings ‘Modern Moral Subjects’ and paintings of portraits with historical and contemporary narratives.



Eugene Delacroix


  A famous French painter best known for his paintings of romanticised scenes and associated with the Symbolist Movement. His work is erotic in nature and is representative of the works from William Shakespeare and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.




Jeff Wall

Born 1946 (Age 69)


  Is a Canadian born artist most famous for his large scale, backlit transparencies. His photographic tableau consists of natural beauty, urban decay, postmodern and industrial featureless backdrops.

  He refers to his approaches as:

  • Cinematographic
  • Near-Documentary

Wall started by composing his images based on 19th century historical  paintings, cinema and advertising billboards.  He created ‘A Sudden Gust of Wind’ as seen below in reference to Hokusai’s painting. The photograph holds strong similarity to the painting due to the composition and arrangement of the subject matter which has been precisely replicated.


Also composing ‘The Destroyed Room’ in representation of Eugene Delacroix. The subject matter is evidently different but the arrangement of shapes and colour hold key similarities and characteristics.


Wall captures his images of real life experiences that holds expressive content of the real world. He refers to his images as ‘snap shots that record occurrences and absence of occurrences’ (YouTube Interview, 2015). They appear as snap shot at a quick glance but on closer inspection there is much more detail than fist anticipated.







Professor Tom Hunter

Born 1965 (Age 61)


  Hunter focusses his projects on everyday people going about their daily lives. He captures  moments of privacy which provoke feelings that almost everyone can relate to in some way as they are familiar to us.

The Ghetto Series:

  This series is based in Hackney (1993-4) and it empathises feeling of loneliness, family struggles, despair and hope just to name a few. The photographs are of his friend’s and neighbour’s and were a part of a campaign to save the community from being destroyed.


Travellers Series:

These images were produced whilst living in a bus, travelling around England and Europe. The focus on life documentary and are representative of different life styles and experiences of travelling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Persons Unknown:

Daesung Lee


  A South Korean artist specialising in futuristic archaeology, best known for his visual story telling. He  creates large art pieces that blend into the landscape and look realistic, with the use of models and other props.


‘The Vanishing Island’ is one of the projects carried out by Daesung which focusses on  the devastation of land disappearing. He wanted to capture portrait’s of real life situations to raise awareness.


Chris Nash

 Is an English photography artist with his main speciality being dance and performing arts but also with works in fashion, advertisement, album and book covers.







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