Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin is a well known Birmingham born (1948) photographer with a wide variety of works and awards for his bold aesthetic. He has written numerous books such as; Work 1988, Film Stills 1989, Influences and The Water People 2005 and The Black Kingdom in 2013. His book ‘Work’ had only a one man show when it was exhibited but it went on to be awarded the best photography book. Brain Griffin has specialised in multiple areas of photography such as the music industry, advertising, magazines, TV and commercials working for companies such as Sony, Audi, BMW and many more.

He has created some extraordinary album cover during his time in the music industry i.e. Kate Bush, Simple Minds, Joe Jackson, Billy Idol, Elvis Costello, Depeche Mode and Sting to name a few.


Album Covers:



The Water People Project took place in Iceland and was sponsored by Reykavik Energy to meet and document the lives of the water people. Brian documented his journey from beginning to end which you can see in some of the photographs. However, during his personal encounter with the water people, he composed his imaged by placing his subject behind a piece of Perspex which was then wet with water t create the distorted effect which was very imaginative and created an other-worldly feel.


Freedom Pass Project consisted of visiting all the underground stations throughout London to photograph the entrances and exits.














BRAIN GRIFFIN, (2016). Brian Griffin Photography. [Online] Available from:                                                                                                   [Accessed: 06 May 2016]


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