Iain Crawford

Iain Crawford is an African born photographer living and working in London. He has spent time living in New York and although living in London he continues to create his imagery internationally. He has composed many campaigns for the worlds top brands and has numerous commissions from multiple top international magazines.

His main areas of interests are Beauty, sports, advertising, lingerie, hair, fashion and film.

His work is very creative with the use of motion and fast shutter speeds to freeze the image whilst retaining full focus. I find his work to be imaginative and fascinating with a strong otherworldly and abstract effect. This type of work is particularly appealing to me and would definitely consider following a career in his footsteps. I find his work also to have a dark but fantasy appeal which is very dynamic and aesthetically pleasing kinetic photography by capturing explosions of paints being dispersed towards them.



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IAIN CRAWFORD, (2016). Iain Crawford Photography. [Online] Available from: http://www.iaincrawford.com/                                                                                             [Accessed: 06 May 2016]

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