Embroidered Photography


Photograph embroidery is a method of enhancing a photograph by adding embroidered stitching onto of it, using a needle and thread. The main materials used are thick photographic paper and images printed on canvas or materials. The image can be of any subject but I have found portraits, due to their single subject, work well for this process.


For the purpose of this study the following question(s) were addressed:

  1. What colours of thread work best for embroidering over low key photographs?



My prediction is that I have the needle work ability to produce an embroidered image. Also that the process can be completed sufficiently on ordinary photo paper.


Maurizio Anzeri:


Hinke Schreuders:


  • Embroidery Kit: Needle, floss and hoop
  • Photograph
  • Measured card
  • Scissors
  • Print out paper (POP), semi-gloss paper or gelatine silver paper



  • Capture portrait or landscape photographs.
  • Print photograph on to semi gloss paper, Gelatine Silver Paper or Print Off Paper (POP).
  • Apply spray mount glue and stick the photograph to a measured piece of card for structural support.
  • Consider the preferred layout and sketch onto the photograph.
  • Start to sew the subject.
  • Aim to push the needle trough the same hole to avoid any unwanted broken surface.






I have found the craftsmanship of this process to be very appealing. I have enjoyed physically enhancing my own photographs with the use of embroidery. I have aimed to provide and Indian head wear theme within my style and approach. I found the process fairly easy, however there are slight imperfections that I could have improved. However, due to limited time and other processes being more demanding, I only managed to complete one embroidered photograph.



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