Medium Format


Medium format photography utilises 110mm film that is larger that that of 35mm standard photography, yet slightly smaller than large format 5″x 4″ film. Due to the increase film size a higher level of detail can be captured. Prominent manufacturers of medium format camera’s are Hasselblad and Seagul. The latter of which, I have utilised in this shoot the use of the Seagul large format camera.


For the purpose of this study the following question(s) were addressed:

  1. Will medium format film produce higher quality images than standard 35mm film?



35mm film requires greater enlargement, resulting in more grain. 120mm film requires less enlargement so therefore less grain is visible resulting in medium format producing higher quality images.








I have found this process relatively simple to execute, due to its similarities in developing 35mm film. I have found that it does produce a higher quality image than standard 35mm film and have found the images I took in this format very impressive in their detail and colour reproduction.

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