Photo Mosaics


Photo mosaics is the process of combining a large archive of smaller images, into one large image. It was created using Mazaika photo mosaic computer software, that compiles an archive into correct tonal values to place as individual pixels in the larger image.


For the purpose of this study the following question(s) were addressed:

  1. Do all the smaller images need to be of a certain tonal range to be compiled?



I predict it should be possible to create a photo mosaic of a self portrait using an archive of images created in my first year at Blackburn University Centre. This depends on me having a large enough variety of height, low and mid key imagery and a large enough volume of total work to complete the process.




Robert Silvers  (Inventor of Photo Mosaics)

Ingeniously breaching the gap between art and science, Robert Silvers’ ubiquitous photomosaics portray familiar images throughout history and contemporary culture, either portraits of well-known personalities, world currency or fascinating renditions of masterpiece paintings.

Silvers invented his craft while still a student at MIT. His intricate works offer a unique optical perspective and have gained world wide acclaim as part of famous art collections such as: AXA Courtage, Coca-Cola, CNN, Disney, Fortune Magazine, IBM, Lucasfilm Ltd., MasterCard International, National Geographic, and Newsweek. His upcoming projects include a 2007 retrospective exhibition at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.. Robert Silvers resides outside Boston, Massachusetts.


I am pleased with the final three images as they have fulfil my hypothesis that it would be possible. However, I did have to restrict it to B&W images only. This is because my archive wasn’t large enough to contain all the tonal values for a colour image. I intend to re-attempt this process in future when I have collected a larger set of images of the correct tonal values, in colour.



[1] ROBERT SILVERS, (2016). Invertor of The Photo Mosaic Process and Original Artist. [Online] Available from:                                               [Accessed: 02 April 2016]

[2] MAZAIKA, (2016). Software Solutions for Photographic Mosaics. [Online] Available from:                                                                                        [Accessed: 08 May 2016]

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